VIP Class Notes (Li)


short-distance: travelling near

eg. short-distance travel/runner/trip

long-distance: travelling far 长途的,远距离的

eg. long-distance travel/runner/trip

cosmetics/make-up/skincare products

dark circles/eye bags

dishwasher: machine to wash your dishes

there’s no point/no use in complaining

butcher: a shop that sells meat 肉铺

report: to make a complaint about someone or something 举报;告发

eg. You can report others for their inappropriate comments online.

better than nothing: to have something rather than nothing at all

eg. I finally got the refund after 3 weeks, which is better than nothing.


to have class on internet – to have class online 

the mother cannot leave the little girl in home – the mother cannot leave the little girl/her daughter at home

the dog is elder now – the dog is older now

it’s quite depression – it’s quite depressing