VIP Class Notes (Li)


stock up: to get a large quantity of something 囤货

eg. We are planning to stock up the next time we go to Costco.

warehouse: a big place for storing things before it’s sold or sent out to shops 仓库

declare at customs: to officially tell the customs department what you are importing or sending

eg. What items do you need to declare at customs.

handyman: someone that fixes things at home

faulty: does not work perfectly 瑕疵

eg. This microwave is faulty.

silent mode: 静音模式

vibrate mode: 震动模式

light bulb: 电灯泡

toaster: an appliance that cooks toast


now is in presale – now there’s a presale

they can just notice their warehouse – they can just notify their warehouse

the most often appliance breaks down – the appliance that breaks down the most often