VIP Class Notes (Li)


predict: to say that something will happen in the future 预言,预计

in advance: before a particular time 预先,事先,提前

eg. The trainer will inform us in advance if the class has been cancelled.

as soon as possible: as quickly, early as something can be done 越快越好

eg. I’ll tell you as soon as possible.

professional: something that you do that needs special training or education

eg. I don’t want to be a professional tennis player.

row(v): to move a boat through waters 划船

eg. My friends and I enjoy rowing the boat across the lake.

eg. You row the boat forwards.

nice day/good day/sunny day

the finishing line

bucket list: a list of things that you’d like to do before you die 梦想单

eg. I have a lot of items on my bucket list

competition: an event in which people try to win a prize 竞赛,比赛

eg. A swimming competition

water rafting: 漂流

oars: the equipment you use to row a boat

life jacket: jacket you wear before you enter the water

difficulty: 难度

eg. The game has 4 difficulties.


next week I will have 3 months freelancer – next week I will be working freelance for 3 months 

this weekend are a raining day – this weekend is going to be raining 

the trainer will told you early – the trainer will tell you earlier/the trainer will inform you in advance 

sometimes the court is booked – sometimes the court has already been booked 

a row boat club – a rowing club 

I just listen this sport – I just heard about this sport

my swimming pool very poor – my swimming skills are very poor 

water in nose – water got into my nose/water went up to my nose 

use your power – use your strength 

put (a boat) in the river

get into the sea/water/river


court – core – t