VIP Class Notes (Li)


easy/simple words/vocabulary

feminism: 女权主义

remake: to make a new film that is similar to the old one

tools: 工具

make/cook delicious food


curry: 咖喱

plastic: 塑料

chewing gum: 口香糖

cough syrup: the medicine doctors give you when you are sick


I will keep going to study English – I will continue to study English

most of my client is local client – most of my clients are local clients/locals

help me to adjust it – helped me to correct it/proofread it 

can get his meaning like 60% – can get around 60% of what he’s saying 

it’s very inspiring me – it inspires me/it’s very inspiring  

so the British one gets trendy – so the British one becomes popular

Jesse told me it before – Jesse told me about it before

two years before – two years ago 

the finger is very hurt – my finger was in pain/my finger got hurt  

I’m not write good reviews – I don’t/never write good reviews 

food is little – quantity is little/minimal 

eat alone is very boring – eating alone is boring 

I haven’t go to Indian restaurant – I haven’t been to an Indian restaurant

the first choice – my first choice

you can have a try – you can give it a try/you can try it 

I not very like a normal girl – I’m not like a regular girl/other girls