VIP Class Notes (Li)

Next Class Focus

Roleplay + directions


I want to buy this – 我要买这个 (informal)

I want to buy that – 我要买那个    (informal)

I want to buy this bread/water/t-shirt – I want to buy this + noun

I would like to buy (more formal)

How much is it/this/that? – 多少钱?

Which one would you recommend? – 你会推荐哪一个?

What would you like?

A: I want a/one …. /I would like a/one hamburger/sandwich etc./ One hamburger,one sandwich

AEIOU – An /其他 – A

eg. I would like an orange juice.

May I have the bill, please?/Bill, please. – 我要买单

Cash – 现金

Card – 卡

Would you like to pay by cash or card?

eg. By cash, please.