VIP Class Notes (Li)


sanctuary: a place where animals can be protected 保护区

eg. a wildlife/bird sanctuary

no-kill: cannot be killed

eg. This is a no-kill animal shelter.

companion: 同伴;伙伴;伴侣

eg. The dog has been her constant companion these past ten years.

ranch: large farm 大牧场,大农场

homeless: animal or person without a home

eg. The homeless man sleeps next to the station.

adopt: 收养;领养

eg. They’ve adopted a baby girl.

eg. They have no children of their own, but they’re hoping to adopt.

volunteer: 志愿者

eg. She placed her name on the list of volunteers.

buggy: 幼儿推车

creature: 生物;动物

eg. Rainforests are filled with amazing creatures.

overnight: 一夜间(的);在夜间(的)

eg. You can stay overnight if you want to.

wheel-chair: 轮椅

especially: 特别

eg. She’s not especially interested in sport.

afar: from or at a great distance 在远处

eg. You can watch the turtles come ashore from afar.

passengers: 乘客,旅客

eg. There are many passengers boarding this flight.

route: 路线;路途;航线

eg. I live on a bus route so I can easily get to work.

For dates:

1980/1990 – nineteen -eighty/nineteen – ninety (break it down into pairs)

2005/2006/2007 – two thousand and five/six/seven

2020 – twenty twenty

For numbers:

20,000/60,000 – read anything before comma, three 000s after is ‘thousand’

twenty- thousand/sixty-thousand


The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is the nation’s largest no-kill sanctuary for companion animals. The former ranch is located on 20,000 acres of land in the canyons of southern Utah. On any given day, it’s home to some 1,600 homeless animals. Many of them are adoptable. The sanctuary also welcomes human visitors. Volunteers can let a dog stretch its legs by taking it on a nature hike. Or they can give a cat some fresh air by pushing it around the property in a buggy. They can chat with the birds of Parrot Garden, watch rabbits hop around the Bunny House, and visit the residents of Horse Haven. Volunteers often form a special bond with an animal. In that case, they’re able to take the creature away overnight, to see if it’s a good fit for adoption.