VIP Class Notes (Li)


reunion dinner: 团圆饭

royal family: 皇室

group tour: 旅行團

….times the price of: (几)倍的。。。

eg. The cost of seafood is 3 times the price

plastic: 塑料

innovate: to introduce changes and new ideas 改革;创新

eg. The fashion industry is always desperate to innovate.

founder: 创建者;创办者

Sweden: 瑞典

provide: 提供

education: 教育

cheater: 骗子

eg. You’re a cheater!

once in a while: 偶尔

eg. I like to drink caramel macchiato once in a while.


ten years before – ten years ago 

lonely – alone 


royal – raw-yale

failure – fei – lier