2VIP Class Notes (Li)


appendage: a body part connected to the main part of the body

primates: animal group related humans, apes etc.

opposable thumbs: thumbs that allow you to grip things

puncture: a hole or wound made by a sharp point

eg. A slight puncture of the skin

prolong: make something last for a longer time

eg. Additives are added to packaged food to prolong their shelf-life.

placebo: a pill that doesn’t work that is usually given in drug experiments

sample size: number of participants in experiments that represent a whole population group.

elevate: to increase the level of something

eg. Sugar levels have elevated after eating chocolate.

cardiovascular: related to the heart

nip: bite lightly

eg. My dog nipped my finger.

pit: cause people to fight against each other

eg. Tonight’s game will pit Smith against Johnson for the championship.

formidable: extremely powerful

eg. He is a formidable enemy.


nails help us can grab – nails help us to grab things 

it was keep in a cage – it was kept in a cage

my grandpa have a wolf-dog – my grandpa has a wolf-dog