VIP Class Notes (Li)



eg. Take the bus and get off at Middle Street.

get on:

eg. Get on the bus at North Street.

get off:

eg. Get off at Jingan station to come to class.

block/s: 街区;街段

eg. The museum is just two blocks away.

eg. He walked up Park Avenue one block to the bus stop at the corner of Park Avenue and Sixth Street.

library: 图书馆


eg. Harold rolled off Rolling Road.

at the corner of: 在…转角

eg. I’ll see you at the corner of the street.

disappoint: 失望

eg. I’m very disappointed in you Helen, you didn’t invite me to your birthday party.

eg. Harold was very disappointed last night because he got lost.


center: sen.tər

directions: daɪˈrek.ʃən