VIP Class Notes (Li)


Write a story using the past continuous tense and the vocabulary you learnt today. What were you doing at that time?

Today we focused on:

Past continuous tense


earphones: 耳机

the blackout: no electricity 停电

eg. What were you doing during the blackout?

history: 历史

through: …越过

eg. She was jogging through the park.

eg. To get to the next street, you can pass through from the shopping mall.

burglars: 小偷

eg. The burglars stole my television in my bedroom.

robbery: stealing from someone or something 抢劫;盗窃

eg. There was a robbery at the bank next door yesterday.

tenants: people renting a house租客

eg. There are seven tenants in this building.

….either: 也不….

eg. She wasn’t at home either.

eg. They weren’t here either when the man was killed.

certainly: very likely to happen 必然地

eg. She will certainly win the race this sports day.

attend: 出席,参加

eg. Will you attend Joe’s birthday party?

unfortunate: 不幸

eg. It was an unfortunate accident for him.

eg. He has had an unfortunate life.

bowling: 保龄球

eg. I went bowling by myself.

eg. William will go bowling with his friends next Saturday.


I didn’t forgot – I didn’t forget 

Past Continuous tense – What were you doing at that moment?

to be + verb ing 

I was                   eating

you were            eating

he/she/it was   eating

we were            eating

they were         eating

What were you doing when the lights went out all over town?

A: Helen was washing her hair when the lights went out.

I   myself

you  yourself 

he   himself 

she   herself 

it     itself 

we   ourselves 

you   yourselves 

they   themselves 

Who did John go to the movies with yesterday?

A: Nobody. He went to the movies by himself. 

Who did you go to the restaurant with this afternoon?

B: No one. I went by myself.