VIP Class Notes (Li)

Today we focused on:



badminton: 羽毛球

sausage: 香肠、热狗

toast: 吐司


Countable vs Uncountable nouns: 

Countable – no a/an or a number (butter. cheese, milk)

eg. There is butter on the table.

Uncountable – can take a/an or a number (2 oranges, 3 grapes)

eg. There are 2 oranges and 3 bananas in my bag.

Singular -no “S” 

boy, toy, apple, cup

Plural – has “S” 

boys, toys, apples, cups

Some and Any for plurals and uncountable nouns:

eg. lemons, tea, chocolate

*also use some in offers, requests

eg. Would you like to get me some chocolate?

eg. Can you get me some toys?

*any in negative sentences and questions

eg. Have we got any cheese in the fridge?

eg. No, we haven’t got any milk?