VIP Class Notes (Li)


opportunity: chance 机遇,时机,机会

eg. Job opportunities are limited at the moment.

eg. Everyone will have the opportunity to compete in this competition.

In the past: before

go through security: 安检

settle down/adapt well – get used to a new environment quickly

eg. She settled down in her new job.

humid: 潮湿

traffic: 交通

eg. The traffic is bad during the holidays.

eg. We got stuck in traffic for several hours.

wheels: 轮子

siblings: brothers or sisters

eg. I have 2 older siblings

relatives: people related to you

under 10 – 10 degrees or less

minus 10 degrees –  -10 degrees


in north – in the north

very risk – very risky/dangerous 

I haven’t drive for a long time – I haven’t driven for a long time

more than one years – more than one year 

my driver technique – my driving technique

than my younger days – when I was little/younger  

relationships – relatives 

under 10 – minus 10 degrees