VIP Class Notes (Li)


well-being: the state of being happy, healthy, or successful

eg. Meditation can increase a person’s sense of well-being.

snacks: 点心

contactless: digital payments made using your smartphone etc.

eg. Making contactless payments to pay is very common nowadays.

near-sighted: 近视

eg. She is severely near-sighted.

single/double eyelids: 单双眼皮

eyelids: 眼皮

cornea: 眼角膜

eg. If your cornea is too thin then you aren’t qualified for Lasik surgery.


her child took seventh grade – her child is in grade seven 

he had many contest – he participated in many competitions 

fried wings – fried chicken wings

always very mind – cares deeply about 

drop the water – put the eyedrops 


afford – ah-ford