VIP Class Notes (Li)


baby powder/formula = baby milk

breast milk = milk produced by mother

alimony: 赡养费

eg. He is expected to pay a large sum of alimony to his ex-wife.

impression: an idea of what someone is like 印象

eg. I didn’t have a good impression of him when I first met him.


designer – hairdresser 

it’s bad culture – it’s bad luck/it’s not part of the tradition 

immutate to virus – more vulnerable/less immune to virus

full-time job mummy – full-time mother 

in my deep mind – in my subconscious, …/subconsciously…   

I thought of another extremely story – I have another extreme story/case/scenario 

in same dormitory – roommate/s 

there is some not stable – it will not be stable