VIP Class Notes (Li)



eg. She knelt down beside the child.


eg. She squatted on the ground and warmed her hands by the fire.

go to the gym: 健身

eg. I went to the gym last year.

incense: 香

eg. I like to light an incense when I read.

get along: 相处融洽

eg. She gets along with her teammates.

eg. He doesn’t get along with his roommates.

gossip: talk about other people’s lives

eg. My colleague loves to gossip.

eg. I don’t like people who gossip about others.



look down on sb: 看不起,小看

eg. She looks down on others at the workplace.

mature: 成熟的

eg. He’s mature for his age.


swim – swam 

I feel strange – I feel uncomfortable

lovely – lively 

I like rethink lots of things – I like/enjoy thinking about lots of things

I have not so much little worries – I don’t have so many problems/worries 

we collect with each other not very often – we don’t often contact each other/keep in contact  

in another way – indirectly 

everyone has a different environment to growth – everyone grew up in a different environment

other people would misunderstood me – others/other people would misunderstand me

you can be a selfish people – you can be a selfish person