VIP Class Notes (Li)


strict: 严格

eg. We follow very strict guidelines on the use and storage of personal details on computers.

formula: 公式

eg. I hate memorising math formulas.

10,000/100,000/1,000,000 – ten thousand/ one hundred thousand/one million 

social studies: 社会学

probation/probationary period: a trial period at the start of a new job

eg. I will get 10 days off after my probation.

niece: 侄女

nephew: 侄子

win the lottery: 中彩票

eg. Paul had a dream that he won the lottery.


struggling about – struggling to 

gaokao – national exams 

logistics – logic 

10 wan – ten thousand 

indoor design – interior design

top room – best rooms 


painting – pain -ting