VIP Class Notes (Li)

Needs more review

confiscate: 拿走 没收

eg. The teacher will confiscate your phone if you use it in class.

eg. Finish your homework now or your mother will confiscate your toys.


Turkey: 土耳其

Bangkok: 曼谷

hot air balloon: 热气球

eg. I want to take a hot air balloon to see the sunrise.

sunset: 日落

eg. We sat on the beach watching a spectacular sunset.

group tour: 旅行團

eg. There are many group tours that travel abroad every year.

fridge magnet: 冰箱贴

replica: an exact copy of an object 复制品

eg. There are many replicas of the Mona Lisa.

eg. The replica is so realistic that regular people can’t tell the difference.

dreamcatcher:  捕梦网

sapphire: 蓝宝石

emerald: 绿宝石

thought process: 思維, 思考過程

eg. She has a unique thought process that other people can’t understand.

eg. Don’t let other people’s thought processes influence you.