VIP Class Notes (Li)


Continue reading ‘I wonder why’. Write down the words that you’re unsure of.

Today we focused on:

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huge/ gigantic/ very big/ enormous 

stood = past tense of stand 

swallow: push food down your throat to your stomach

eg. His dog tried to swallow a ball of fur.

chase: to run after a person/animal

eg. That group of children were chasing each other after school.

rip: tear or split open

eg. She ripped her jeans to create a unique pattern.

rough: uneven surface eg. sandpaper is rough, rough road

grown: no longer a child

eg. The boy you saw six years ago should be a grown man by now.

claws: a sharp curved part on the toe of an animal eg. cats and birds have claws 

spring – sprang: to move forward suddenly

thief: a person who steals

prey: animal that is hunted by another animal for food

weapon: a knife, gun, hammer etc. that is used in a fight

stretch: to pull your arms, legs, etc. longer

eg. You need to stretch your body before exercising.


appeared – uh-ppear-ed

huge – hew-ge

gentle – jen-tle

-ed words  – when you connect the letter before -ed, it is silent; the d is heard

necked – ripped – binned – returned – gained