VIP Class Notes (Li)


maternity leave: time off from work when you’re pregnant

ago: before the present time

one week ago/one hour ago/three months ago

difficult: not friendly, easy to deal with, or behaving well 难对付的

eg. That client is very difficult to deal with.

eg. His wife is so difficult to talk to so nobody likes her.

complain: to tell someone off formally 投诉

eg. She always complains to the managers of every restaurant she goes to.

this chance – this opportunity 

job titles – sb’s background 

except for that – besides that 

the client want to 配合 – the client wants to cooperate with you 


I also works in… – I also worked in…

if I can get promotion – if I can get promoted 

7 person – 7 people 

the last two week – the last two weeks 


tasks – task-ss

masks – mask -ss