VIP Class Notes (Li)


Writing task 2

Today we focused on:



sidetrack: to go off-topic

eg. My history teacher always goes side-track every class

ongoing: continuing to happen or progress

eg. The project is ongoing.

eg. The ongoing events at the school.


we came in China – we came to China

I need to do the early decision – I need to make an early decision

people that want better jobs – people that want better employment prospects 

look for places to have a break – look for a place to settle in 

going on movies – ongoing movies

I like watching movies with an important lesson – I like watching movies that deliver/convey/teaches you important life lessons 

it was about going to China or not – it was about whether I should head to China for an exchange programme 

I went to China 3 times before – I have been to China 3 times in the past 

I have grown up – I have matured

come back for the university studies – come back for university 


For numbers 1-10, spell it out