VIP Class Notes (Li)


two and a half – two-thirty/half-past two 

I lay on my bed – I laid on my bed

low efficiency – low productivity 

left behind the schedule – fall behind the schedule

if this project move onto the next month – if this project proceeds to the next month

India developer – Indian developer

I met someone who changed my concept – I met someone who changed my opinion/perspective  

from this period to current – from this period on

foreigner math teachers – foreign math teachers

send her to a very religion high school – send her to a very religious high school

use “the” with singular nouns 

eg. instruments (the piano)

eg. body parts (the head)

eg. animals (the cat)

eg. currencies (the dollar)

also with proper nouns (name of a country, person, place that requires capitalisation)

eg. The United States

eg. The United Nations

eg. The Empire State building