VIP Class Notes (Li) [S/W]


Fluffy: light or soft

eg. I like fluffy animals and toys.

Loyal: having or showing complete and constant support for someone or something

eg. Sam’s dog is very loyal to him.

Intelligent: smart

eg. The boy is very intelligent for his age.

Mischievous: playful and naughty

eg. The chef’s son is a mischievous boy who always gets in trouble.

Thief: a person who steals something

eg. The thief was trying to steal the woman’s purse but the police caught him.


In the summer I go to Hawaii for one year and I went to the beach. I swam in the sea and I played beach ball with my friends. I ate a sandwich. I bought some clothes and some toys and a watch. And I bought some clothes to give my neighbours and my cousin.


My dream animal is a wolf. I would like to own a female wolf. If I have time, I would take my wolf to the park. I would buy a ball and some wolf food if I have the money.

I would like to be a Chinese teacher. I want to teach children because they are very funny. I want to teach children how to study in school.

There are two girls who in the picture who want to make a snowman. They put a hat on the snowman. Then they put the carrot to make a nose and wrap a scarf to decorate the snowman. The snowman melted the next day because it was sunny.