VIP Class Notes (Kyle) (S)


  • weird rules / the traditional customs / ” what society thinks ” 



I don’t know but in Shanghai I still remember every weekend my classmate would come back to home so we just study together but we won’t do some other things together so my friend still I met in my highschool. They lived in any place but we still have phone or take message but my university classmates were not very close. In my university my classmates just worked for nothing nothing. So maybe the culture of Fudan university is to study hard but my friends did not get interesting jobs. I think maybe 60% in the University of Fudan were just regular students. If you start a company you will find it is too pressure, and you will that being in the workforce is better. When you open your eyes, your money is gone!


I don’t know why but when I moved back to Shanghai, I still remember on every weekend my classmates would return to their homes for the weekend. On Friday, my classmates would leave carrying their dirty clothes and return on Monday with clean clothes and some home-cooked meals. They were living just like kids at home on the weekend! Chinese parents go above and beyond to take care of their children so they can receive higher grades and test scores. So usually we would just study together, but we didn’t do much else together so instead I met with my friends from my highschool. My highschool friends lived all over China and we still had phone talks or we messaged but my university classmates and I were not very close. After university they just worked in normal jobs, did nothing special. Perhaps it is the culture of Fudan University for students to study hard but my friends did not get interesting jobs. I think around 60% of graduates in University of Fudan entered the regular workforce.If you start a company you will find it is too pressure, and you will that being in the workforce is better. When you open your eyes, your money is gone!

—–>it is too stressful /  there is too much pressure

—–> It takes money to make money! 


Past Tense but sometimes, Present Tense

  • to get =to receive, to have—>  got (past tense) 
  1. I sent you the homework. Did(past) you get (present) it? …. Yeah, I got it.
  2. Do you get it (understand/what I am saying)? —-> Do you understand? —-> Got it. 
  3. They married ——> OK…… They got married .
  4. He new job —–> NOT OK…… He got a new job. (currently, right now, He has a new job).
  5. You‘ve got great fashion sense ! 你有很好的时尚感! —-> You got style. (spoken English) 
  • For highschool, I attended 参加 a high quality private school in Hangzhou. Although, I really enjoyed living in Hangzhou I moved back to Shanghai because my Mom wanted me to move back/return.
  • The school which I attended in Hangzhou was an art school near West Lake therefore it was artistic, non-traditional in comparison to Chinese culture, and it had unique approach 独特的方法 to education because we were allowed to attend University lectures. 
  • The highschool belonged to a local University so we were allowed to attend University lecture.


—–> Repetition 重复

the workforce = 劳动力, the people who are of ‘working’ age, after you graduate University, then you can enter into the workforce

ex.  Being in the workforce kinda sucks. That’s why I work for myself. 

go above and beyond —> to do anything for so someone can be happy/successful, to sacrifice for 牺牲, to provide 提供

ex. I never go above and beyond for any reasons.

Culture 文化 = a place where most people think or do the same, what makes a place special/unique/attractive/different

Ex. The culture of businesses/cities/school/families/Countries is ….. 

to be not very close <—> to make friendships

right (the direction, ahead, just a little more)

  1. Turn to the right, direction 右转
  2. go right ahead =to go straight ahead, to proceed, 进行
  3. Where is Judy? She’s right there. (She is close, she is just outside the door, she is near 她就在附近)
  4. Right. All right. —> Hao de. Dui, dui, dui = Right, right, right.

*find something that you are really interested in ———> finding your passion

  • I have a friend who really likes painting therefore she has found her passion . 

to have + too many/much of (noun), too (adjective) —–> that is has become a bad thing  (cars, traffic, noise, pollution, people) 

ex. In Shanghai there are too many tall apartment buildings.

ex. In America, there is too much obesity 肥胖。. 

ex. I don’t like Italian desert, because it is too much sugar (noun) —–> 

  • It has too much sugar / It is too sweet. 

to be more individual  是一个个体  —> the process of becoming more independent 独立:

ex. I became more independent when I was 13 because I left my hometown. <—> When I was 13, I left my hometown and I became more independent.

    • and I —-> therefore, because of this, for this reason, 


Girls – Gurls

ex. Harajuku girls, You got the wicked style, I like the way that you are, I am your biggest fan ! 

entered – Ehn ter ed 

clothes – clow thuz