VIP Class Notes (Kyle)

Movement = Moo Ve Ment

Ex. During Body Pump class, we were doing movement with weights.

Movements = Mo Ve Ments = Movimientos

Ex. During Body Pump class, we were doing movements with weights.

Weights = pesas

physically tired = my muscles are sore

ex. Estoy cansado = I feel physically tired / I feel tired 

tengo (tener) sueno = I am (to be) sleepy.

I have back pain =  me duele la espalda

a puddle = un Charco

ex. After the rain, there were many puddles 🙂 ( specific, one time) 

ex. After raining, puddles appear.  (not time specific, generalmente)

become friends —-> Nos hicimos amigos

ex. We met during a lunch together and then we became friends.

A phrase = una frase

Many hugs = muchos abrazos

El mundo es un panuelo —-> The world is a handkerchief  —-> “It’s small world!” 

Tai chi = energy practice, or martial arts  / artes marciales


1. When you are doing Tai Chi = cuando estas haciendo Tai chi = The Continuous Present Tense —–> YOU / Generally 

  • When you do Tai chi = cuando haces Tai chi = the Simple Present tense ——> YOU / Generally