VIP Class Notes (Kyle)


friction – what causes slow things, In Hyperloop, a train in a vacuum.

We have strong family bonds / bondage (?)

“How your spouse’s parents value you?”

  • If you want to marry my daughter then you have to have a house / car/ decent job.
  • The further you go into rural China, the customs are more conservative.
  • Chinese young people tend to stay in intimacy with their parents even after marriage.


It all depends  ….

  • different situations have different factors

It feels like ….

  • It feels like if you move into a new community then you are obligated to bring a housewarming gift.
  • It feels like the Truman show.
  • What does it feel like ______ ? ex. to be / to have
  • How does it feel __________? ex. to be / to have

to use other parents as a form of childcare 

  • A carpool: 1 parent
  • friend dates

to get attached = to be TOO obsessed with

ex. attachment / what is your level of attachment?  

fees = deductions, to take away things

timelines for objectives

perks = benefits

impositions = restrictions

“Read Receipts” —> when people have seen a message 

ex. What other Chinese apps have read receipts? Some apps developed by Alibaba have read receipt notificatioon