VIP Class Notes (Kyle) (S)


Original / with Edits:

Being prepared for the midterm exam is very important because it will decide what grades we get…. The midterms is for every class. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I feel very nervous for these exams, although I expect that I will get a good score. We had two PE classes today, one was for Basketball and one was for Football.

Did being nervous for tomorrow affect your sports performance today? 明天紧张是否影响了你今天的运动表现?

I think that my classmates and I were nervous today because tomorrow is a midterm exam and we all felt nervous. All of us have prepared —-> have been preparing for it strenuously / very hard.  For example, during our football match we played the match very slow and one of us didn’t notice the ball as the ball passed by him. His mind was somewhere else. He didn’t keep his mind on the match. The score was 0-0, so I think that everyone was unable to score because we were too nervous for the next day’s exam. At our age, Life is somewhat/sort of/a little stressful because we have many exams and our parents expect us to get good scores.

Did you notice a change after meditation? —-> I felt no change. I just sat there. I existed for short time. —> The goal of meditation is to relax. 


We had two PE classes today, one was for Basketball and one was for Football.

    • Remember to use the little things, like Verbs: to have / to be
    • And prepositions: in / on / at


meditation = 冥想

ex. Practicing meditation will help reduce your stress levels. —–> Practicing meditation to help you to be relaxed.

expect (verb) = to require that someone does something,期望

ex. If I take care of other people, then I expect them to take care of me. 

make a deal = to strike a bargain with someone, do something together, 做一笔交易

ex. One time, I made a deal with my classmates that I would be the leader and they will be my slaves.

strenuously (adverb)=  work very hard, to do something with great effort

ex. I studied strenuously before the big exams.

Positive Stress = 正应力

ex. Positive stress is useful for getting new opportunities that lead to good times 

Negative Stress = 负应力

ex. Negative stress causes Unhealthy habits that lead to a negative result, or poor outcome. 

It’s a exam for half of the study year —-> The Midterm exam.

wild man 野人


Positive stress or eustress (also called good stress) is when you perceive a stressful situation as an opportunity that will lead to a good outcome. This positive expectation is in contrast to negative stress or distress when you perceive a stressor as a threat that will have a poor outcome.