VIP Class Notes (Kebed) [S]


I have been doing something  for…/since….


Jewellery/jewelry n. – 首饰

anniversary n.- 纪念

cozy adj. – 温馨  After getting married,  I feel my home became cozy.

go out v. – 1. leave (a room) 2. go somewhere and have fun.

eat out v. – eat at restaurant or somewhere else but home. Eat in – eat at home.

convenience   n. – convenient adj.

abroad – go abroad, live abroad, move abroad,  from abroad.

anime n. – Japanese cartoons

conservative adj. – 保守 I think the idea that every woman must give a birth is too conservative.

courage n. – A person needs a lot of courage to move abroad.


food – pay attention to the strong sound “D” – fooD, not fooT