VIP Class Notes (Joe) [w]

Today we focused on:

We focused on using the words ‘view’, ‘scenery’ and ‘obscure’ in different situations. We spent some time on the difficult pronunciation of ‘an’ before /ʌ/.


Find different nouns and adjectives that start with the ʌ vowel sound. Use the word ‘an’ before other words that start with /ʌ/.

Next Class Focus

Practice saying the soft /d/ sound at the end of words like ‘obscured’ and ‘showed’.


obscure  (verb) – blocked from view
The tree obscures my view of the mountain

view (noun) – your ability to see from a place
I have a good view from my apartment
The view from the hotel room is beautiful

scenery (noun) – beautiful / interesting characteristics you can see at a place
The scenery at the mountain was beautiful


I have an obscured view of the garden
1 (an)

I have an unobscured view of the garden
1 (an)

Scenery  – see ni ree

Celery – se li ree

Salary – sa li ree


I haven’t a lot of money
I don’t have a lot of money

I haven’t + verb
I haven’t done something
I haven’t seen something

I haven’t + noun (old English)

I don’t have + noun (modern English)

One + a (e.g one a year) = per
I go on holiday once per year
How often do you open your curtains per day?
I open my curtains once per day


I had a wulong tea this morning.
My husband had a fresh juice this evening.
My husband drinks a glass of fresh juice every morning.

I have a English class this afternoon.
I have an English class this afternoon

How much time did you spend on housework.

How many times did you take shower one a week.
How many times did you take a shower per week?

How much time did you spend on cook.
How much time did you spend cooking?

Spend time on + noun

Spend time + verb + ing