VIP Class Notes (Joe) [s]


There were two girls in this video. They were both holding their cats and trying recording a video. But this video with some filters on the girls’ face, turning them into a cat face. So,  the cats watching in the screen. They were realizing the person who carry them were turning into cat face. They were literally shocking and confusing and started looking upwards to check if it’s a human or not. It’s so funny

There were two girls in this video. They were both holding their cats and recording a video. But there was a filter on the camera changing the girls’ faces into cat faces. So, the cats were watching themselves on the screens. They were convinced that the girls were turning into cats. They were really shocked and confused and started looking up to check if their owners were humans. It’s hilarious.


look upwards – look in the direction of up (maybe you see something, maybe you see nothing)
He didn’t want to look at his book so he looked upwards instead

look up at – look at something which is above you
The cats looked up at their owners

Fascinating = very interesting
This is a fascinating book

Convinced that + phrase (adj) (in the state of strong belief of something untrue)
She is skinny, but she is convinced that she should lose more weight.

Convince (verb) – to make someone believe something
I convinced myself that thinner was better
Tony had to convince Tina that going on holiday was a good idea


Hilarious – he le ree yis