VIP Class Notes (Joe)


  • Make sentences with the adjectives we learned to upgrade and avoid overusing ‘funny’. Think about other adjectives that you overuse and make a list. There should be at least 3 words on the list.
  • Practice using one simple way to open your Part 2 answer.

Next Class Focus

We will find popular and commonly used synonyms and idioms to replace your overused adjectives.

Today we focused on:

We practiced the IELTS question “Tell me about a funny experience that you had”


Something recent that is funny to me is I went to Beijing with my friend Melissa
Something recent that was hilarious to me was when I went to Beijing with my friend Melissa

I went to Beijing to visit her

We went to Tianamen square which is a pretty famous tourism attractions in Beijing
We went to Tianamen square, which is a pretty famous tourist attraction in Beijing

There’s an actually really popular thing to do is to take pictures in front of Mau Zhe Dong
There’s actually a really popular thing to do, which is to have pictures taken in front of the portrait of Mau Zhe Dong (Chairman Mau)

It is actually a really weird thing for younger generations to do because it’s actually like taking photos like grandpa do
It is completely weird for younger generations because it’s literally like what grandpa used to do

We paid a photographer to take pictures

It is really funny because we actually paid the money to them
It was side-splitting because we actually paid them

We are not using the smartphone
We were not using our smartphones

It was so funny. We take the picture and laugh every time we see it
It was hysterical. We laugh out loud every time we take out this picture

Just be able to having that picture and remember the funny moments we have in that trip
The sentimental value of this picture is so enormous because it’s tied to that unforgettable moment and the joy I shared with my friend


Particularly / Totally / Completely / Literally / Absolutely
Instead of saying ‘really’

Instead of saying ‘very funny’