VIP Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

We focused on using ‘during’, ‘from’, and ‘to’ with periods of time and specific times.


Use the words we learned today when you see something happening. Make a list of the words you want to use and use them when you have the opportunity.


Cut (verb) – when we use something sharp to make something smaller/change something(like paper) or hurt someone
I cut my finger with a knife
I cut some paper for my project
The cook cuts some meat

Sneeze (verb) – cough with your nose
When you sneeze it must mean someone is missing you

What have you been up to = What did you do recently?

Accompany – go somewhere with someone
I will accompany my son to the park

Rush hour (noun phrase) –when people are going to work/home
I never take taxis during rush hour because the traffic is too bad


During (preposition) – in a period
I love shopping during the Christmas holiday
My friend went to Hawaii during July
I want to sleep during the cold winter
I was very busy during this week / the morning / lunch

Go somewhere to + verb

Go somewhere for + noun

I will go shopping with my friend
I will go shopping with one of my friends

In the morning I will have a part time job
In the morning I will go to my part-time job

My full-time job is assistant
I am an assistant
My full-time is assisting my boss

My part-time job is accompany children to play the piano
My part-time job is teaching children to play the piano
I am a part-time piano teacher

Where are you come from?
Where are you from?
Where do you come from?

Is there very hot?
Is the weather very hot?
Is it very hot there?

Is there very cold in winter?
Is it very cold in winter there?

When I am sick, my mother accompany me to the hospital
When I am sick, my mother accompanies me to the hospital

In Shanghai, during 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. is rush hour
In Shanghai, from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. is rush hour


I took a taxi to the company this morning, but it was a rush time. I’m so angry so I gave up the taxi and walk to the company.

I took a taxi to work this morning, but it was rush hour. I was so angry, so I got out of the taxi and walked to work.


Walk – sounds like talk

Work – sounds like jerk

When I walk to work I talk to the jerk

Cook – no vowel sound at the end

Tasks – make sure it’s an /a/ sound like the /a/ is ‘ask’. Avoid saying an /e/ sound like ‘test’