VIP Class Notes (Joe)


Sound proof (adj) – unable to hear through
The walls to my apartment are not sound proof so I can hear my neighbors through the walls

Trip (noun)
I went on a trip

Travel (verb)
I traveled to Japan

Travels (noun) (unusual)
I saw many beautiful places on my travels

Stomp (verb) – use your feet to make noise
I wish my neighbors children could stop stomping

Symbolic (noun) – it represents an idea of something
The stars on the American flag are symbolic of the 50 states

Symbolize (verb)
The change from black and white to color symbolizes there is new hope

Moustache (noun) – the hair above the lip and below the nose
He has a moustache

moustachioed (adj)
He is moustachioed

facial hair (noun) – includes moustache and beard
He has facial hair

clean shaven (adj) – removed the moustache and beard
He is a clean shaven man

Grab the bull by the horns
– deal with a problem or difficult situation directly and confidently

PG – parental guidance
some movies are rated PG to protect children

Mainstream – most normal / popular
Wechat is the mainstream app for communication


I know some interesting news from my team member
I heard some interesting news from my team member
I know some interesting news about my team member

What is your holiday like in last Christmas?
What was your last Christmas like?

What is your plan for your next travel?
What is your plan for your next trip?

I wish my wall is sound proof
I wish my wall was sound proof


Moustache – mis tash

parental – pi ren til

Join /  John – make sure the difference is clear

John joined the party