VIP Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

We role played meeting new people to practice general English


Review this website to find out when to use the present perfect and the simple past tense. When you are sure you understand the difference, make 5 sentences with the present perfect tense and 1 sentence with the simple past tense.


I have finished high school in Melbourne
I finished high school in Melbourne

I was living in the boarding house
I was staying at the boarding house

General rule (not always true)

In a place – for big places

At a place – for small places

Special exceptions do exist, for example
Tony is at hospital (maybe he’s visiting a friend)
Tina is in hospital (she is sick / she had an accident and she must stay in hospital for some time)


That’s cool – that is cool now
That’d be cool – it would be cool if that happened in the future

Can I take a rain check – Maybe another time?
I’m afraid I’m busy today. Can I take a rain check?