VIP Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:


eligibility (noun) – 资格
Her eligibility to graduate was affected by her low grades in one class

eligible (adj)
He is eligible to be the leader

curriculum (noun) – what you should study for a course (课程)
The science curriculum in high school included physics and biology

seminar (noun) – 研讨班
I saw an ad for a seminar about business writing

dean (noun) – 迪安
The dean of the music department approved my graduation

fill out + form = complete a document (e.g. 登记表 / registration form)
I’m filling out the registration/application form for my new university

mandatory (adj) – you must do this
Wearing formal clothes to a formal meeting is mandatory

elective (noun) – you can choose to do it or not to do it
The extra English class is an elective in my school’s curriculum

faculty (noun) – the people of a department of the university (just one meaning)
the music faculty is planning an event.

something counts towards + a course/major = something is necessary for you to pass a course/major
The extra English course does not count towards my major


Find examples online using the phrase ‘count towards’.

Next Class Focus

Talk about ‘count towards’.