VIP Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

We practiced some topics for small talk and role played having dinner at a restaurant.


Entrée – on tray

Starter – sta ti

Serious – seyi ree yis

Series – seyi rees

Sore – sounds like ‘saw’
My shoulder is sore after heavy exercise

Sour- sau wir
I don’t like sour food

Next Class Focus

Focus on how linking verbs are used with adjectives and action verbs are used with adverbs.


It’s quite well for me
It’s quite good for me

How do you think about the food?
What do you think about the food?

Chicken soup is thin but it’s not too salty
This chicken soup is thin and not too salty


Humid – wet weather
It’s a humid day in Shanghai

Thick – 厚
My daughter has thick hair

thin – 薄
I like thin soup

Fast-paced/slow-paced (used to describe lifestyle)
Chengdu is not a fast city compared with Shanghai or Beijing

Chengdu has a slow-paced lifestyle


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上传写作 Homework / Email

Try to say the phrases ‘fast-paced’ and ‘slow-paced’ to describe 5 people you know.