VIP Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

We focused on using the present perfect tense, the past simple tense, the present perfect continuous tense and the present continuous tense.


Realistic – true or accurate
I’m a realistic person. I don’t think things will be very bad or amazing in the future.

optimistic – hopeful about the future
I am an optimistic person. I think the future will be amazing.

pessimistic – not hopeful about the future
She is a pessimistic person. She thinks things will be very bad.

A lack of – not enough
I have a lack of time this week

An abundance of – too much
I have an abundance of books

gripping – a book/movie that you cannot stop reading/watching because it’s too good
This is a gripping movie

fascinating – very interesting
Doing exercise is fascinating to me

luxurious – expensive and more than you need
I want a luxurious car


I discuss around the topic
I discuss the topic around the table

What have you been having exercise?
Have you been doing exercise?

What have you been running?
Have you been running?


fascinating – fa si nay ting

Box – short vowel

Books – long vowel

realistic – re yi lis tik

luxurious – lug zjoo ree yis


Write 8 sentences
Use ‘am + verb + ing’ (I am looking at a picture)
Use ‘have + verb(3)’ (I have looked at that picture)
Use ‘have + been + verb +ing’(I have been looking at that picture for a long time)
Use ‘verb(2)’(I looked at that picture last week)

Next Class Focus

Practice the 5 difference usages of the present perfect tense.