VIP Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

Using the present perfect continuous and present perfect tense.


I got a headache
I have a headache
My headache is gone

Step (verb)
Step into
He stepped into water

step (noun) – one movement of the foot (one unit of walking)
He took a step on the floor

Steps / stairs (noun) – the part of the building that lets you walk up or down
He went down the steps to the lower floor

Step on (verb)
He stepped on a cat’s tail
Step down (verb) (quit your job as a leader)
the CEO stepped down and a new CEO will be appointed

Throw (verb) (special usage)
Throw a party
Throw a tantrum


Flares – flez

Work – sounds like jerk

Walk – sounds like talk

Threw – sounds like shoe

Tantrum – tan trim

Give – sounds like live

Gave – sounds like behave

Plate – say the /t/ sound

Play – no /t/ sound


My cat eats some fishes.
My cat eats some fish.

The man steps down the floor.
The man walks down the steps to the lower floor.
The man walks up the steps to the higher floor.

My daughter’s birthday I threw a party
I threw a party on my daughter’s birthday

Have you thrown a party this morning? (only correct when you say it during the morning)
Did you throw a party this morning? (correct when the morning is over)

She gave a candy to her daughter

I have been living in Shanghai for 8 years

Next Class Focus

Let’s focus on words that can be countable and uncountable