VIP Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

I came to Shanghai for almost 10 years
I’ve been in Shanghai for almost 10 years

My parents lives here
My parents live here

Shanghai is a international city
Shanghai is an international city

You have a lot of chance to find a good job
You have a lot of chances to find a good job
You have a lot of opportunities to find a good job

I like my job and I think my colleagues are smart and friendly (good)

Do you like your country?(good)

What kind of things you like?
What kind of things do you like?

Do you like Shanghai? (good)

These things happened not so normal
The things don’t usually happen


Abnormal – Opposite of normal
This is an abnormal place for a bird to live
It’s abnormal to see a rainbow in this weather

Rainbow – same sound as /pain/ in the first syllable

Tasks – make sure it doesn’t sound like ‘taxis’.

Sneeze (noun) (verb) – 打喷嚏
Sometimes I sneeze when I go outside the room

Shocked – strong emotional response to unexpected news
I was shocked when I heard that my friend broke his legs

Startled – strong reaction to something you see/hear/feel
When I was watching a video I was startled by a man touching my shoulder


Heard – sounds like bird

Hear – sounds like beer

The bird heard about the beer here


Review the information about linking sounds on this website and practice using some of the sounds.

Next Class Focus

We will focus on linking sounds