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Go over your essay one more time and fix all the mistakes we fixed together in class.

It is an incredibly controversial topic in modern society that whether the high wages would  leads to a negative consequence to a country. It is true that the wealthier people can further boost the economy, with a higher input of capital, however, some also believes that the income gap between rich and poor could impose a serious problem.

In economy, the rich have greater resources to invest, in terms of purchase house or machines, which is a remarkably incentive to the economy in that country, due to the higher aggregate demand of the merchandise. The higher demand would leads to a multiplier effect, with the theory of ‘one man’s spending would be other man’s income’, and would further stimulate the consumption of the whole, which leads to an economic growth eventually.

On the other hand, the higher the salaries the rich get, the larger the wage gap is. The distribution of equitable income contradict the theory of higher consumption, whereas it might be difficult to solve. Putting upper and lower limit on people’s wages is one of the strategy that governments might imposed, however there would then be no such incentive on consumption, like a higher salaries could bring.

In conclusion, although it would be important to lower the income gap between wealth and poor, the more significant to boost the economy. The government might consider to set a upper limit on employee’s wages when the economy is at the state on expansion, when a lower consumption would not leads to a huge problem for the economy


Choose the best linking words to use in the following sentences:

  1. (Whereas/While) ………….. individuals can make a considerable difference to environmental problems, they ought to be dealt with on a global scale to be solved effectively.
  2. Global warming is a prominent issue these days (due to/owing to/because)………it has a direct impact on the climate of countries all over the world.
  3. (as a result/consequently/thus)…………. Of global warming, sea levels are rising which threaten many low lying lands.
  4. One of the best ways to deal with global warming is to reduce the emissions of fossil fuels, (specific, particularly, certainly)…………. From factories.
  5. Global warming affects weather patterns and can cause extreme weather (namely, as an example, like) ………… heat waves, droughts and floods.

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Now choose an essay question from this list of topics.

Practice writing your own essay using these linking words.


The line graph illustrates the differences between the populations of different kinds of turtles in India from 1980 to 2012. It is noticeable that the Olive Ridley Turtles have ranked first in regards to its population since around 1987, followed by the Green turtles, which ranked second, and the Leatherback Turtles, which ranked last.

It can be seen that the population size of all turtles in India tended to be stable from 1980 to 2012, with some small fluctuations, which might have been caused by the dramatic decrease of the population of Leatherback Turtles(don’t speculate)[the growth of population of Leatherback Turtles is correlated to the decline of the population of all the other turtles], from approximately 100 to 60 in number, and the continuous increase of Olive Ridley Turtles, from in the neighbourhood of 100 to around 130. The amount of Green Turtles tended to stay at the level of between 100 and 110, which is the most stagnant one among all the categories.

The key feature of the representation is that the population of all kinds of turtles in India was similar to each other from 1980 to 1987, and experienced significant growth and decline after that, respectively.