VIP Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

We focused on comparing with ‘the same as’, ‘similar to’, ‘different from’ and ‘more/less than’.


Anti 反
She’s anti-fur so we don’t shop together

Surrogate mother
A surrogate mother gets pregnant to have someone else’s baby

Sperm donor
A father you never meet is a sperm donor

Ovary – Egg

It goes over their heads
Children are too young to understand sex-education. It goes over their heads.

origin – place where it’s from
The origin of this ruby is South Africa


retail – put the power on the ‘re’ not the ‘tail’

Clothes – clouz

Same – make sure your lips touch for the /m/

Method – me thid


Why your taste is totally different from your friend’s?
Why is your taste totally different from your friend’s?

Ways to say he paid 200% of my price
He paid twice as much as I charge
He paid double what I charge
He paid 1000 more than I charge

Next Class Focus

Examples of Conjunction + verb + noun (difference between questions and statements)

We need to talk about when to put the verb before the noun