VIP Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

Today we focused on using ‘wanna’ and ‘gonna’.

We also focused on using ‘s’ with verbs in the simple present (for usually/always).

Next Class Focus

Focus on the difference between past continuous and past simple.


Practice using the simple present (remember the snake).


Someone is/are/am (not) + gonna + verb (e.g. She is gonna kiss him)

Someone wanna/doesn’t wanna + verb (e.g. She doesn’t wanna kiss him)

Is/are/am someone gonna + verb (e.g. Is she gonna kiss him?)

Do + someone + wanna + verb (Do you wanna kiss him?)

Will gonna working
We are gonna work

Do you wanna go which country have a holiday?
Which country do you wanna go to for a holiday?

Which restaurant do you wanna go to for lunch? (good)

Mother always choose
Mother always chooses
Mothers always choose


Give to
The mother gives candy to her daughter

Share with
I share my private problems with my doctor

we’re gonna go walking

I’m gonna work