VIP Class Notes (Joe)

Next Class Focus

Focus on using comparatives such as ‘more + than’.

Today we focused on:

We focused on how to use the present simple tense.


Practice using the present simple tense to talk about what you usually do. Remember to use plural nouns. E.g. I usually buy expensive dresses


Clash (verb)
Lavender clothes clash with yellow clothes
Lavender clashes with yellow
My lavender socks clash with my yellow pants

Match (verb)

White clothes match yellow clothes
My yellow pants match my white shirt


shadow – SHadō

perfume – pərˌfyo͞om

petal  – pedl

Exhibition  – eg zi bee shin

Exhausted – eg zo stid

show – make sure you open your mouth widely for the o sound in this word (it should be different from ‘shoe’)


My dress clash with my sneakers
My dress clashes with my sneakers

This house is good match for me
This house is a good match for me