VIP Class Notes (Joe)


Use some of the vocabulary from today in some writing. Write something like a story and try to use the words.

Make sentences with the past tense verbs ‘bought’, ‘caught’, ‘rode’, ‘built’ and ‘fell’.

Next Class Focus

Practice using the present simple tense and adding ‘s’ to the verb after a third person singular.

Today we focused on:

By performing actions and talking about what happened, we practiced irregular verbs in the past tense.


tower – a tall narrow building
The tower fell down

buy – present tense
bought – past tense

catch – present tense
caught – past tense

ride – present tense
rode – past tense

build – present tense
built – past tense

fall – present tense
fell – past tense


a bear want to eat
a bear wants to eat

one day a boy get a letter
one day a boy gets a letter

the letter says “I want to building”
the letter says “I want to build”

so he build a house
so he builds a house

but another people hit the building 
but another person hits the building

I rided a bicycle
I rode a bicycle

I buyed some candy
I bought some candy