VIP Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

Today we focused on using adjectives to describe feelings and characteristics.


feel + Feelings

feel + relaxed / stressed / happy / sad

be + characteristics

Be +  busy / free / interesting / boring

I feel + adj (feelings) [happy, sad, relaxed, stressed]

I am + adj (characterstics) [bored, interesting, busy, free, rich,  poor, beautiful, ugly, fat]

I have + noun [a headache, a stomach ache, sore knee]

Bandage – 绷带
If you cut your finger you should put a bandage on it


How is your today?
How are you today?
How has your day been?

I’m gonna to choose
I’m gonna choose

I wanna eat Thailand food
I wanna eat Thai food

I gotta go to work (good)

My hand burned on the grill
I burned my hand on the grill


Fry – frai

Boil (verb)- boy yil

Red wine – red wain

Massage – mi sadj


Try practicing with these examples

Are you gonna go for a massage?

I’m gonna go for a massage

Do you wanna go for a massage?

I wanna go for a massage

Do you gotta go to work?

I gotta go to work

I’m gonna go to the Phillipines