VIP Class Notes (Joe)


Write about what you have been doing recently. Make sure you use ‘have been’. Try to make 5 sentences with ‘recently’.

Next Class Focus

We can focus on using the vocabulary from your writing (e.g. obstacles, persist, insist, socializing, self-disciplined, organized). We also have to focus on ‘being done’ and ‘do’.


Recently, I have been studying the four colors of personality. Lejia is an expert in the study of personality psychology. He divides personality into red, yellow, blue and green. It is similar to the nine colors of personality, but the four colors of personality are simpler. People with red personalities are optimistic and cheerful in nature, and they like to try something new and exciting, and they love social interaction. And they have a natural sense of humor. But the disadvantage is that they do not persist, and they will give up halfway frequently. People with blue personalities are organized, rigorous and they are very self-disciplined. But the disadvantage is that they are very pessimistic. People with yellow personality will go forward and not give up once the goal is set. But the disadvantage is that they are control freaks, and like people submitting to them absolutely. People with green personalities are very easy-going, and have no desire. They are pacifists, and they don’t like to argue with people. But the disadvantage is that they don’t want to go forward sometimes. When they encounter obstacles, they don’t like to lead, and they are passive people. Each person with a different personality color have different advantages and disadvantages. There are no good colors and no bad color. In many people’s personalities there are many colors, but only one is the main color. It is better for people that they have more than one color. Learning the color of personality, we can understand the different views and ways to control each color of personality. For example, when we face different bosses, different clients, different husbands or wives, we can use the right way to communicate with them. This is the way to socialize. I judge a person’s color by analyzing a person’s daily behavior. Of course, I make mistakes in judgment. After all, personality is the most difficult thing to analyze in the world.


Studying – sta di ying

Disciplined  – di si plind

Obstacles – ob stee kils


I am studying in psychology
I am studying psychology


Persist – 坚持 (with actions)
Tony failed his exam twice, but he did not give up. He persisted and passed the third time.

Insist – 坚持 (with words)
Tina’s mother told her she could not have ice cream. Tina insisted and cried because she wanted ice cream so much.

Control freak – 控制狂
My boss is a control freak