VIP Class Notes (Joe)

Next Class Focus

Practice talking about regrets and use ‘wish’ to talk about things we didn’t do. We can also use the 3rd conditional to talk about impossible things.

Today we focused on:

We talked about wishes and hopes. We practiced using ‘would’ and ‘will’ with ‘wish’ and ‘hope’.


Think about 3 family members and what they wish and hope for. Write sentences using the verb ‘wish/hope’ and ‘would/will’.


Millionaire – mil ji ne

Billionaire – bil ji ne

Trillionaire – tril ji ne


obsessed – 痴迷
She’s obsessed with her boyfriend

addicted – 上瘾
She’s addicted to gambling


I wish I will be rich
I wish I would/could be rich

I hope he could come today
I hope he will come today

I hope she will not be addicted on her boyfriend
I hope she will not be obsessed with her boyfriend

They are addicted with coffee
They are addicted to coffee