VIP Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

Focus on asking questions to confirm that someone has listened and understood your explanations. Try to stop your explanation after about 2 or 3 major points and then ask a question like ‘are you with me?’ or ‘does that make sense?’


It has been quite busy week for me
It has been quite a busy week for me

It’s still bit far away
It’s still a bit far away


Suburban – emphasis on the second syllable

Succinct – si sinkt

Considerations – kon si di ray shins

Mulled – same vowel sound in ‘under’ and ‘up’.

Soup / soap – soap rhymes with rope. Soup rhymes with group.


There is a check balance system (a check balance system sounds like an accounting term)

A system of checks and balances (a system of different departments that have the power to overrule each other to prevent too much power being in the hands of any department)