VIP Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

We focused on asking for advice and giving advice.


My advice is you can eat more vegetable and orange juice
My advice is you should eat more vegetables and drink orange juice

You should eat less dinner and more walk
You should eat less dinner and walk more


Wok – short vowel

Walk – sounds like ‘talk’

Work – sounds like ‘jerk’

I walk to work with a wok

addicted – A dik tid

Adrenaline – a dre ni lin

A big American is addicted to adrenaline


I’m gonna = I am going to

You gotta = You have got to  (You must)

I wanna = I want to

You can – possible

You should – advice

You must – force / strict


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上传写作 Homework / Email

Use the three contractions (gonna/wanna/gotta) to make sentences.