VIP Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

We finished an IELTS part 2 question about elderly people and did some part 3 follow up questions

Next time:

Focus on using phrases and adverbs which add emphasis and focus on using a tone which is appropriate.


Describe 3 activities that you did with someone you know well and use only the past tense.


All the human race does this
The whole human race does this (use whole with a group and use all with individuals)

Compare my grandmother, he’s an introvert
Compared to my grandmother, he’s an introvert

My first person in mind
The person who first comes to mind


Water under the bridge
When I argue with my mother, we tend to talk things out and then it’s water under the bridge

bottle up + someone’s + feelings = keep feelings inside

introvert (noun)
He’s a complete introvert because he bottles up his feelings and doesn’t talk about them