VIP Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

Today we focused on saying big numbers and describing your previous job

Next Class Focus

Review whether you are able to remember the names of months by reading dates which are written as numbers.


To help you remember the months you need to form a connection between these words and give them real meaning. Study this list of sentences.

8 My father’s birthday is in August

9 Pink’s birthday is in September

10 Ma La Jis’ birthday is in October

11 My mother’s birthday is in November

12 Taylor Swift’s birthday is in December


One hundred and twenty three million four hundred and fifty six thousand seven hundred and eighty nine

Niche – a small part of the market
This company’s niche is treating autistic children
I worked for a niche company

Calm – adj – not showing any emotions
You have to be calm to work there

Calmly – adv
You should talk to the children calmly

Strict – adj – demanding that rules are obeyed
The teachers are very strict

Strictly – adv
They regulate the time of activities very strictly

Cruel – without caring about someone else’s feelings
the way they teach the children is too cruel


cruel – krʊəl

Society – si sai yi tee

Fair – fɛː


If you want to treat an autistic child the parents may spend about 2,000,000 in my company. If they are 2 or 6 years old they can be treated. It’s because the brain have developed very soon in the 2 to 6 years so if they have many good treatment and they will be fixed.

If the parents want to have their autistic child treated, they may spend about 2,000,000 on treatment at my company. If the autistic child is 2 to 6 years old they can be treated. They can get treatment at this age because the brain develops very quickly between the age of 2 to 6 years, so if they have many treatments they will improve.